Name: Ellen Riney

Room: Big Dippers 

Bio: How wonderful it is to be a child! The best and most precious memories I have are from my early childhood - the joy and wonder of discovering something new, the hours and hours (and hours!) of creative make-believe with friends, the beauty and endless possibilities that nature can offer. I also remember how important love is and how every child needs it- how I needed it to feel important and secure, and now, how your child needs it.

I am happy to join UCCC with the intentions to offer the best environment for your child from my experience and education. My experience includes home daycare, Bible school teacher, storyteller and volunteer at Kingdom House. After I graduated from Maryville University with a degree in psychology and biology, I took a position as the children's lead at Barnes and Noble. My hobbies include spending time with my husband and daughter, being outdoors, hugs, international music and food, art and of course - books! 

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