Full-Time or Part-Time

Typically our students attend five days per week, Monday - Friday. In addition to the full-time schedule, we offer a limited number of part-time slots. Those openings are full-day and either two or three-days per week. 

Our two-day per week openings are either Monday & Tuesday or Thursday & Friday.
Our three-day per week openings are either Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday.

Tuition Assistance

Photo by Jeffrey Pomranka

University City Children’s Center partners with the YWCA Head Start and Youth In Need Early Head Start Programs.  Please view Partners  for more information.

University City Children’s Center will also work with families eligible for Child Care Assistance provided by the Missouri Department of Social Services. Please click the link for more details and see if your family is eligible.

We offer a limited amount of need-based tuition assistance and consider every request individually. For more information, please contact us.

FAQ’s for Tuition

What type of communications will I receive regarding my child’s/ children’s tuition account?

We send out monthly emails with account statements that will help you check the accuracy of your tuition charges and payments made to your account.  If you have questions regarding your account please feel free to contact Frank Marchiony at 314-726-0148.

Will I have to pay tuition even if the Center is closed for holidays?

Weekly tuition rates remain the same throughout the entire school year.  To determine our weekly tuition rates, the annual tuition rate is spread out evenly over 52 weeks. If we discounted holiday weeks and four-day weeks, then we would need to charge more for five-day weeks. We think it's easier on everyone to just spread the annual tuition evenly over 52 weeks, regardless of the number of school days per week.