Youth Opportunity Program Tax Credits

Click on the video above to learn about UCCC and YOP tax credits. Nearly half of our families receive tuition assistance. Full tuition at UCCC ranges from roughly $12,000 to $17,000 per year, per child, yet this amount still does not cover our organization's costs of care. Helping families to meet the expense of quality early childhood education is crucial to our mission at UCCC and impossible without the generous support of donors like you.

What are YOP tax credits and how can they benefit you and University City Children's Center? 

UCCC's Youth Opportunity Program Tax Credits help you leverage more from your gift with the same out-of-pocket cost. That is DOUBLE the impact on the children and families at UCCC. 

Any entity or individual who pays Missouri income tax and files a Schedule A for itemized deductions may receive a tax credit. This includes individuals, corporations, partnerships, S Corps, and LLCs. Please consult your legal and tax advisers regarding the unique benefits you can derive from this opportunity.

All donors receive a letter of acknowledgement for their gift. Donors making gifts of $1,000 or more receive a letter of acknowledgement and YOP paperwork.  Acknowledgements are sent via U.S. Postal Service. 

Contact: Josie McDonald, Development Director
314.726.0148 ext.140 or
for further information.