Block Party 2017

On February 3, we held our 5th annual Block Party. The Center was filled with children who used their imaginations to build original structures. Did you know when children are building with blocks they are doing more than playing? Here are five areas that are developed when children are engaged in block play:

  1. Self-expression. Blocks offer many ways for young dual language learners to explore, express themselves, and demonstrate what they are learning across languages.
  2. Mathematics. Important concepts and skills are practiced and strengthened through block play, including length, measurement, comparison, number, estimation, symmetry, and balance.
  3. Continuity and permanence. Block play engages spatial sense and motor abilities. It can be a solo or a group effort and block creations can stand until they are taken or knocked down. 
  4. Science. Blocks offer opportunities to build scientific reasoning and test hypotheses.
  5. Social and emotional growth. Blocks help children learn to take turns and share materials, develop new friendships, become self-reliant, increase attention span, cooperate with others, and develop self-esteem.


Post by Peaches Lott