UCCC Celebrates Earth Day

University City Children’s Center celebrated Earth Day on April 21. Each classroom was tasked with creating activity combining environmental awareness with subject matters such as math, science, or music. The event featured sing-alongs, garden-themed cooking, recycling activities, and composting.

The composting activity was the culmination of a week-long study and exploration of worms. Classes each got at least one opportunity to learn about, dig for, and hold red wiggler worms. Some classes made their own compost bins with moist newspaper, soil or sand, and of course, worms! The children can add food scraps to see the decomposition process in action and create nutrient-rich compost for UCCC’s garden.  The children have also cultivated a greater appreciation for worms they find outside. They are so excited when they find a worm, handle it gently, and respect its need to return back to the soil. At the Earth Day celebration, one girl that was afraid to even touch a worm at the beginning of the week, courageously held one and exclaimed “I think I’m beginning to love worms!”