Name: Caroline Maury

Room: Milkyways I

Bio:  Hello, my name is Caroline Maury; I’m a beach girl from Southern California.  My son, Matthew 15 and daughter Christina 13, moved to St. Louis in June of 2011. What brings us here?  It was time for my children to culminate from middle and elementary school.  I had heard that Kirkwood had great schools and is a great place to raise children. It was time for me to take a huge leap of faith and do the next best thing for both of my kids and me.  Saint Louis, here we come.

Early Childhood education is a second career for me.  My first was an optician/ophthalmologist assistant.  When I was six months pregnant with my son, the pastor from Covenant Presbyterian Church in Westchester was my patient and he said “You need to put your baby on the waiting list of our preschool.  It’s the best in town.”  So being a good listener I did just that.  After my children were born, attended Covenant preschool and then Open Charter Magnet elementary school, I often volunteered in their classrooms.  I attended council trainings and then coming full circle was offered a position at Covenant Presbyterian preschool.  My children’s preschool.  I taught 2 ½- 3 year olds on Tuesday and Thursday and 4 and 5 year olds on Monday, Wed. and Friday.  I was at Covenant for five years until we moved here.  I taught at Webster preschool, a part-time program, also one that I loved.  I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Antioch University, with a number of early childhood education classes from both Antioch and UCLA.

During my free time, I love walks on the beach, where there's big water, hanging out with my kids, attending my son’s swim meets, good food, spas, music, silence, movies, books, and a good cappuccino.  I am excited about having landed at UCCC and enjoy being surrounded with forward thinking, inspiring teachers, bosses, parents and amazing children.

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