Thank You for Helping Our Fairy Tale Come True!

Many thanks go to our sponsors and 250 guests! We are delighted to report that your generosity helped us earn over $200,000 through this event, enabling us to sustain and enhance UCCC's important educational mission and vital tuition assistance program.


 Fairy Tales 2018 Recap


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2018 Fairy Tales Can Come True Sponsors



$15,000 to $24,000



$10,000 to $14,000


Leslie and Mark Hood


First Chair

$5,000 to $9,000


Lisa and Bruce Aydt

Susi and Michael Blatz

Strive Fund

Lisa and David Holley

Susie and Gordon Philpott

Luanne and Steve Zwolak



$1,000 to $4,000



Celeste and Brent Baxter

Lauren and Jeremy Brenner

Lewis and Jean Chase

Peter and Bridget Desloge

Lindy Eberhardt

Dianna and Richard Fine

  The Fox Family Foundation

Friends of UCCC

Patti and Pat Harty

Sheryl, Steve, and Sarah Hicks

Josie McDonald and Jan Huneke

Allan Kling

Lee C. Kling

Kristi and Dan Luechtefeld

Mary Askey and Frank Marchiony

Sandy and Jerry Mathews

Emily Doucette and Jason Newman

Linda and Michael Peterson

Leigh Pratter

Suzanne and Paul Schoomer

Tricia and Todd Spener

Roxeanna and Greg Steiner

Value Economics, LLC


In-kind Donation