Give a Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

Your donation to University City Children's Center provides us with the opportunity to continue to make an impact in the lives of families, children, and educators. 

  • University City Children's Center embraces a mixed-income model, serves children from 30+ ZIP codes across the St. Louis region, and teaches families and children to value diversity.

  • A six-year outcomes study found that children who are enrolled at UCCC for more than 36 months have an average score of 91% on the DIAL-4, a widely used kindergarten readiness tool-children leave UCCC kindergarten-ready.

  • LUME Institute focuses on understanding and supporting healthy emotional development in children and adults through professional development, workforce development, family education, and community engagement.

  • 74% of LUME-trained teachers report reduced power struggle with children; 84% report reduced isolation and expulsion of children; 100% have found ways to foster the emotional development of children.