Welcome to our staff page. University City Children's Center is dedicated to employing men and women who are knowledgeable and devoted people, creating and delivering transformative programs, making meaningful, measurable, and positive outcomes in the lives of children and their families. Click below to learn more about the team of people who support children and families daily. 

If you would like to reach a staff member, dial the back line number: 314-726-6661 and follow prompts.


University City Children's Center is the lab school for LUME Institute. LUME brings UCCC's Approach and decades of experience to outside families, educators and staff in the field of early childhood education through family education (Family Matters), professional development, and community outreach. LUME's offices are currently on the top floor of UCCC. 

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A big thank you to the photographers Aleshia Patterson, Katie SchergenJeffrey PomrankaKelly K. Wright, and Lindy Soffer who have given their time and talent to provide the beautiful photos of our teachers and staff.