University City Children’s Center is committed to providing innovative, quality care and education to a racially, culturally, developmentally, and socio-economically diverse population of children between the ages of six weeks and six years in a nurturing environment that provides supportive services to families.


Our vision is to create a new paradigm in early childhood education that will serve as a model for creating systemic change for children and families.


University City Children’s Center is a diverse, intentional early childhood community that respects and nurtures children and adults in a trusting culture of love, empathy, compassion, and joy that is guided by visionary leadership.  An integral part of our mission and practice is developing partnerships and educational outreach to the larger St. Louis community.

We believe that trust is the foundation of any value; that through trust, our school community, our partners, and our friends have the ability to carry the message of creating systemic change for children and families.

We believe that empathy and compassion are found naturally in children.  In order to ensure these values are woven into the fabric of their personhood, children must experience an environment that is intentionally empathetic and compassionate. We believe that love needs to be among the primary examples we set for children, acting as a compass that directs all interactions as we grow a school community.

We believe that joy is an essential element to creating and maintaining an emotionally healthy life, is established through the alternating experiences of struggle and success, and begins at birth.