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“Focusing on the emotional development [of children] is something that quality early childhood education centers must do,” says Steve Zwolak, UCCC Executive Director and LUME Institute CEO.


6.23 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Edward Jones management listens to young staffers, supports causes close to its customers
6.6 Mr. Z on KPLR: Investing in Early Childhood Education
5.24 Mr. Z and Dr. Tamar Jacobson on STL Public Radio:
Early childhood education experts highlight the importance of emotional development and play

5.9 Mr. Z on KPLR: Playing in the Mud is Good for Kids

4.4 Amy von der Heydt on KPLR: Studies show therapy dogs help child’s emotional development

3. 7 Peaches Lott on KPLR: Children's Center Director Encourages Enaging Conversation with Children
2.14 Mr. Z on KPLR: Expert discusses ways to encourage love during early childhood
2.21 St. Louis Post Dispatch Op-Ed: Lack of investment in our youngest residents is a problem
1.3 Peaches Lott on KPLR: Getting Your Kids Back Into a Routine After Holiday Break

12.6 Mr. Z on KPLR: Children learn gratitude, empathy by mimicking their parents
12.5 Mr. Z on the Nine Network: Nine Network Announces the Launch of Nine PBS KIDS
11.2 Chef D on KSDK: Chef says he has the perfect job
11.1 Mr. Z on KPLR: The importance of limiting screentime

10.4 Mr. Z on KPLR: What can an apple teach our kids about relationships and values

9.13 Mr. Z on KSDK: Caring relationships lead to early academic success
9.6 Mr. Z on KPLR: How do parents understand the difference between a child’s needs and wants?
8.11 Partner News: Building ‘a new paradigm in early childhood education'
8.3. Daycare center starts with seed, grows food to produce own baby food
8.3.  Mr. Z on St. Louis Public Radio KWMU: The importance of recognizing mental health disorders during early childhood development                                        
8.2. Mr. Z on KPLR: Early childhood and mental health                                                                                                                                       
7.15 Mr. Z on KPLR: Helping children handle troubling news from around the world
5.17 UCCC Designated as a Breastfeeding Friendly Family Child Care Facility
5.3 Mr. Z on STL Moms: How to handle a misbehaving child
4.22 St. Louis Post Dispatch: More than 1 million items on sale at Greater St. Louis Book Fair
4.5. Mr. Z on KPLR: Literacy Begins at Birth
2.25 St. Louis Jewish Light: Mitzvot from the Heart: Lauren Mishkin
2.2 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Embracing inclusiveness within our community
1.19 The Ladue News: Variety the Children's Charity of St. Louis Award
1.3. St. Louis Post Dispatch Op-Ed: Change the Face of Missouri 

12.15 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Why holiday traditions matter to families
11.5 St. Louis Review: Foster Grandparent Program fills a gap for children, seniors
11.3 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Mr. Z warns us of increase in preschool expulsion 
10.27. Mr. Z. in The Nation: New Study Questions the Value of Universal Pre-K
10.20. Mr. Z on St. Louis Public Radio KWMU: Expelled in Preschool - where do kids go from there?
10.6. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: How to deal with biting and young children 
9.1. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: How to manage temper tantrums
8.4. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: How to prepare children for the first day of school
8.3 The St. Louis Post Dispatch: Teaching Grit, Wanting to Quit
7.7. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Tips for handling temper tantrums 
5.25. The UCCC Garden on the Arch City Gardener Blog
5.4. Ms. Peaches on KMOV: University City Children's Center breaks down racial, economic barriers for kids
4.7. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Mr. Z talks transitioning into Parenthood
3.4. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Getting children ready to read as soon as possible 
2.3. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: How to prepare kids for Kindergarten 
1.6. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Why routines are important for children

11.24. Mr. Z in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: As the grand jury decides, SLU doctor
11.13. Mr. Z on the Nine Network's Stay Tuned discussing child well-being
11.10. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Next generation discipline in early childhood
10.7. Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Raising kind kids, executive functioning
9.25. Mr. Z on Nine Network's Stay Tuned - Early Childhood
8.25. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Getting families back to normal after the Ferguson crisis
8.24. Mr. Z. on Fox 2: Talking to kids about the Ferguson crisis
8.21. Mr. Z. on St. Louis Public Radio: How can teachers talk to their students about Ferguson?
8.7. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: STLMoms: Mr. Z. on selecting the right preschool for your children
7.29. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Achieving the balance between work and family
7.10. Ellie Towle and UCCC in the Ladue News
7.1. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: STLMoms: Summertime fun with Mr. Z.
6.3. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: STLMoms: Steve Zwolak says, “Let kids be bored in the summer.”
5.6. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: The messiness of early childhood
4.1. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Challenges of early childhood years
3.4. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Key social-emotional skills for children
2.4. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: The wonders of play dough
1.6. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Helping children meet the challenges of 2014

12.9. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Helping Kids Understand the Spirit of the Season
11.21. UCCC and Old Newsboys 
11.7. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: My Bodyworks Family Fair
6.11. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Children and Toy Guns
2.8. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: The Importance of Building Blocks
1.14. Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Preventing School Tragedies 

7.7. Mr. Z on Fox 2: Summertime Sleeping Tips for Families

9.16. Daycare: 10 Questions You Must Ask