Our Impact


Our Children Are Prepared for Life

For more than 45 years, University City Children’s Center (UCCC) has served as a transformative model of high quality care and education in St. Louis.  We know and understand that children will take greater academic risks-and learn more-when they feel emotionally supported in the classroom.  Our Approach, the LUME Approach, has provided countless families and early childhood educators with the skills, support, and resources they need to successfully prepare children for life.  Studies show that the LUME Approach is proven to make a statistically significant difference in a child’s mental health and educational journey.  Our commitment to diversity is also a key factor to our success. As a result, our children experience strengthened student-teacher relationships, improved attitudes, knowledge, and behavior and improved emotional development.  Our children graduate from UCCC with the best foundation possible…they graduate ready for life.   




The Impact Beyond UCCC's Walls

We believe the power to change society lies in the way young children are taught, a mission that starts at UCCC, but would later move beyond the walls of our Center. UCCC’s mission and innovative approach evolved into the LUME Approach, an early childhood education model that is now being taught through the LUME Institute.