Name: Faosat Adelani

Position:  Program Support Facilitator

Bio:  My name is Faosat Adelani, I started my journey here as a parent in the old building at 7745 Olive in 1986. UCCC was kind enough to adopt my whole family. I loved it so much and I decided to apply for a job. I did everything needed to keep University City Children's Center a great place for families.

After many years working in the classroom, I am now an administrator working with screenings, outcomes and Head Start. I am also a certified Parent Educator through Parents As Teacher since 1994. I used to be the Infant Toddler Coordinator and now I am the Program Support Facilitator.

I came from Nigeria in 1981 to join my husband who was a student at Stanford University in California. We moved to St. Louis to continue his education at Washington University. I am a mother of two children. I received my degree from University of Missouri in St. Louis in General Studies. I enjoy sports, reading and talking on the phone with friends and family.

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