Name: Linda Etling

Room: Milky Ways I

Bio: Hi! My name is Linda Etling. I am a teacher in the Milky Way I classroom. I started here in November 2004. I have loved it ever since.

I graduated from Centralia High School, Centralia, Illinois. I attended Kaskaskia Junior College. Recently I have taken classes at Meramec Community College to receive my proficiency degree in childcare.

I have been working in childcare for 25 years- some of this in-home care. Rules and restrictions have changed drastically, for the better of course! Our children are our future and it can only get better! I have always loved babies and toddlers. I am just fortunate that at the time they had an opening with infants, so I have been here ever since.

I am also a mother of four children(adults) two boys, two girls and a grandmother of three boys and one girl. 

Before working in childcare I worked at two hospitals as a nurse’s assistants where the diapers were bigger, sometimes. So now the diapers are much smaller and I prefer it this way! UCCC has very friendly staff and some very good people to work with. I have found you are never too proud or too old to learn new things. I find I can learn something new all the time!

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