Vroom Tip: Water Walk

Celebrate Father's Day by taking a water walk with your little ones.
Vroom Tip: Offer your child a container filled with water. Invite them to water the plants. Show them how the water makes marks in the dirt or on the sidewalk. Encourage your child to wonder what is happening and to ask questions.

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Vroom Tip: Hand Telescope

When you’re outside, make a telescope by circling your fingers around your eye. Look at your child and tell them, “I see you!” Show them how to make a telescope and take turns sharing what you see.

This activity helps your child pay attention to their surroundings. They will learn to think flexibly as they see familiar people and things in a new way.

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Vroom Tip: Simon Says

Do you remember playing the game Simon Says as a child? When you play this game with your little one, your child is practicing important skills: focus, memory, and self-control - all of which are essential to learning!

Check out this Vroom Tip, "Simon Says!"

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Vroom Tip: Secret Handshake

Creating and learning a super-secret handshake helps your child remember what is needed to achieve a goal. This is a big step in learning self-control! Try the "Secret Handshake" Vroom Tip this weekend, and remember you can get more free tips with our app.

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