Mental Health Update

The Devereux Early Childhood Assessments (DECA) or the infant & toddler rooms, as well as the preschool rooms, are soon to be completed. A round of applause to all of the parents who
assisted with this!!!
The parents and the teachers have completed forms that provide valuable information about our children’s social and emotional development. The DECA program offers resources to build children’s strengths in attachment, initiative and self-control/regulation. These behaviors assist in children’s ability to “bounce back” when challenges or difficulties occur. 


Here are some strategies for home from the DECA’s For Now and Forever family guide:

  1. Read with your child every day.
  2. Help your child recognize and learn age-appropriate and acceptable ways to express feelings.
  3. Teach your child about your families and culture.
  4. Enjoy your child’s company.
  5. Use positive strategies to guide your child’s behavior.
  6. Accept your child as a unique person.
  7. Encourage your child to be both independent and cooperative.

Partnerships between home and school offer children a sense of security and support from the
important adults in their lives.

Post by Judy Saurage
Emotional Enrichment Counselor