Memories of UCCC

Moonbeams to Big Dippers to Super Stars and beyond!  Sounds like the trailer for a really good space movie, but actually, it’s the classroom names, for an “out of this world” adventure in early childhood at University City Children’s Center.  Both of our sons went to UCCC. Looking back on our experience, we have no regrets and many fond memories.  UCCC has everything you’d expect from an early childhood education center. Children learn through play at UCCC. Of course they begin to learn their ABC’s and 123’s, but more importantly, they learn empathy, as taught by teachers who understand the meaning.  
Once, I expressed my concern to the teachers when my toddler was constipated.  At work the next day, the teacher took the time to call: “Matthew left us a “big” gift this morning!”  Whew!  What a relief and how kind for her to call!  I knew my child was getting as much love, attention and patience at school as I was giving at home (but not more!).  Knowing my children were in a safe, caring, learning environment allowed me to have a complete sense of peace while I was away.  I felt comfortable leaving  my upset child  because I knew that he would be happy as a lark before I even drove off the parking lot (which broke my heart!).  I relished the fact that the teachers understood and considered my child’s quirks as they reviewed his day with me.   
At UCCC, my children were exposed to a variety of people, including the disabled, so they understand early in life that people come in all shapes, forms, colors and abilities. Thanks to the wonderful staff at UCCC, my kids have the best start in life, with a solid foundation to become smart, empathetic, inquisitive kids.  I watched my babies grow from infants, to toddlers to preschoolers at UCCC and enjoyed and took advantage of every school event possible.  UCCC provided the backdrop and all I had to do was fill in the main characters: my kids -- for a blockbuster experience.


~Joycelyn Barnes
  Louis & Mathew's mom 

Steph SmithComment