Hands-on Activities, Help Parents Understand

A family in the Moonbeams class paints together.The 2010 UCCC Curriculum Night was another successful evening that helps parents understand how teachers at UCCC meet every child's developmental needs.  By allowing the parents to go through some hands-on activities, parents are able to experience and understand what their children do at UCCC.

One Example

In our infant and toddler rooms the night's activity was painting with sponges.  Given a large piece of paper, different colors, and a variety of tools to paint with, the children (and their families) created a classroom mural.

Using hands, fingers, sponges or rollers to paint, the children move the paint over the paper while engaging in meaningful conversation with adults and peers.  

Painting with sponges helps children enhance fine motor skills with purpose and control.

This activity follows our inside-out approach and Spheres of Understanding.

Values & Character Development 

  • Builds trust as children work cooperatively to make one large piece of artwork.
  • Builds trust and compassion with peers by developing and understanding of their own space and sharing the different colors used.
  • Develops self-control while moving the sponge on the paper with purpose and intention.

 Early Literacy Development 

  • Builds listening skills as we ask children about eh colors of paint and how it feels on their hands and paper.
  • Builds oral language skills and phonological awareness as we interact with children using familiar and unfamiliar vocabulary.
  • Builds narrative skills as children are encouraged to talk about what they see, feel, and what they are doing.

 Psychodynamic Development 

  • Builds autonomy as children use skills to paint on their own, as well as develop new skills through modeling and guidance.
  • Builds identity as children pick paint and materials of their own choice.
  • Builds identity as children create something of their own.


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