You better watch out...

The holiday season…a time of joy, love and peace…

Children need to have a sense of belonging, a feeling of being loved and appropriate power over their environment. Often while parents are in the midst of the chaos of holiday preparation, children lose their sense of belonging and search to regain it. Children begin to act out and parents want to contain the child’s behavior by using strategies of singing the song…”you better watch out….” The holiday becomes a series of bribes and subtle threats…”Santa won’t come if you don’t behave…”

The gift of song is a wonderful gift, singing the songs of your childhood with your child, sitting with your child on your lap or sidling with your child, just being together. It will provide the joy, love and peace of the holiday.

Feel the Joy, love and peace by

  • Slowing down the pace
  • Keeping routines for children
  • Sharing your family traditions
  • Sharing stories of your childhood
  • Understanding what’s important
  • Minimizing stress and stressful situations

Happy Holidays!

Post by Stephen Zwolak

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