How does UCCC make the decision to cancel school?


  • First and foremost, we take into consideration the safety of our children, families and teachers. 
  • Secondly, We understand that families need to go to work, so the decision to close is a serious decision. 
  • Third, we need to assess the storms intensity, timing and length of storm. 
  • Fourth, the temperature and wind chill. This is a concern, particularly since we serve infants and toddlers.
  • Next, we need to consider our own ability to manage our own parking lot and sidewalks.


  • I listen to the weather forecast and attempt to weigh in the weather forecasters sense of DRAMA
  • I assess the school closures, there are some schools that are considered hold outs, UCCC is often a hold out.
  • Most importantly, I get out on the roads at 3 am. I drive on the highways...170, Forest Park Parkway, 40/64; the main roads, such as Delmar Blvd, Olive Blvd. Skinker, Big Bend: the side roads and streets. Meanwhile discussing with other members of our administrative team. 
  • Then, I make the decision.
How to know if the center is closed.

Post by Stephen Zwolak