Inside the Big Dippers: Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody, Everywhere

Of course not all the time at UCCC is spent in traditional play and curriculum activities; there are transition times. Times like this morning when the Big Dippers were going from their indoor, center-based activities, to outside. These are important times for holistic learning. During the transition, the children clean up what they had out. For every child this takes on a slightly different look. Some jump right to it, others need a little more support. It is a great opportunity for everyone to learn.

The children get to practice their independence and team work while having power or control over their environment. A great thing for a three-year-old child to practice.

For the teachers, they have a natural time to observe how organized each child is socially, emotionally and environmentally. 

Transitions are an important life long skill that is driven from the inside out.