Missouri Accreditation Coming to UCCC

We are expecting company. 

As you know, University City Children's Center is an accrediteded  system with Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and YouthWe are preparing for renewal and should have our accreditation team in the next few weeks. 

Missouri Accreditation focuses on the qualitative aspects of the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth opportunities afforded to children in the program and provides quality standards that serve as a guideline  for all aspects of the program planning and implementation. 

The focus will be on six areas:

  1. children's relationships and interactions
  2. physical environment
  3. programming and curriculum
  4. program and family connections
  5. administration
  6. health, safety and nutrition.  

We will be given a window of time for the visit, but will not know the actual date until the team arrives.  We will all be wearing name tags on the day of the visit to help facilitate their visit and would like you to join us in welcoming them to UCCC.

Post by Dottie Bini