Upcoming Screening Week: April 25-29

Parents of infants, toddlers and preschool age children will have the opportunity to complete a DECA screening during the last week in April. The DECA (Devereux Early Childhood Assessment) is a strengths-based assessment that gives information about a child’s attachment, self control/regulation, and initiative; these are protective factors that support resilience in anyone. The teachers use this information to promote children’s positive behaviors and reduce challenging behaviors.
Screening materials will be available at arrival and pick-up times in the reception area of the gallery. 
The process for completing a screening for your child is simple:
  1. Find your child’s class clipboard.
  2. Take one of the DECA forms.
  3. Sit and relax at a table. Please do not leave the building with a screening form.
  4. Think about your child over the last 4 weeks.
  5. Check the box that describes your observations/knowledge of your child.
  6. Return the completed form to your child’s classroom envelope.

Please feel free to talk with me (Judy) and your child’s teachers if you have questions.


Post by Judy Saurage
Emotional Enrichment Counselor