UCCC Kids Score Books with Grant from Blues

Children at University City Children's Center now have new books lining their shelves thanks to the St. Louis Blues 14 Fund!

When UCCC received a $2,000 grant from the Blues 14 Fund for new books, we called in some experts...UCCC alumni. The alumni spent an afternoon at Pudd'nhead Books scouring the shelves to find bags and bags of books that the children at UCCC will enjoy.

The volunteer book pickers took their job very seriously, reading through large piles of books, and discussing with each other which books would be perfect for the children.

The best part of the day (aside from bringing bags of books back to UCCC) was enjoying old friends while doing something good for the center we all love.

If you are interested in seeing more photos, visit the Shopping at PuddinHead Books photo gallery.

Of course we would like to thank the St. Louis Blues 14 Fund for supporting our literacy program!