Learning Through Play with Loose Parts

Do kids need fancy, adult designed structures for fun play times? According to a video sent in today's ExchangeEveryDay, a storage container with loose parts can be plenty. While this may bee too much to fit in your backyard, I can imagine an open floor with a tub or closet full of loose parts being a great way for a child to spend a day exploring, creating and learning.

At the 5:17 mark, notice the kids balancing on chair tops. I love how this is a game and not something they are told to stop because it is not safe. The narrator goes on to mention how there has been a change in perception of risk and how to manage risk. 

Keep watching and you will see mixed age groups playing together with the older children helping younger ones. 

If you think about it, a playpod can reach all the areas of our approach:

  • Early Literacy
  • Values & Character Development
  • Psychodynamic Development.


Post by
Jeffrey Pomranka