Developing Sleep Habits in Children

Mr. Z spoke on Fox2 about how to help children settle into sleep.

There are a few key points to helping your child develop healthy sleep habits.

  • Maintain a consistent sleep routines and schedule
  • Good daily balance of exercise…indoor and outdoor.
  • Don’t go to bed hungry
  • Avoid caffeinated products
  • Plan up to 1 hour of quiet time before bed time
  • Other bedtime routines – Quiet time may include taking a bath, going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, etc. Also, it is important for children to be brought to bed/put into bed awake so that they learn to fall asleep themselves.
  • Your child’s environment is key – Your child’s bedroom should be quiet, comfortable and invitational. NO TV! The child needs to have their sleep object/s available such as a teddy bear, blanket, or doll.