New Twist to Old Tyme Radio - Aug 26, 2012


Do you remember the old time radio shows where the entire family would gather around the family radio and listen to the story of the day? Neither do I.

Since few modern families have a radio as the focus of their living room entertainment center, we are going to modernize the idea and broadcast a story on YouTube. This Sunday, August 26th at 7:00pm CDT Mr. Z will read the book,

The Little Engine That Could

If all goes as planned and technology does not fail us, we will live stream the story on YouTube via a

Goolge+ Hangout

.  We won’t know the actual URL until it starts, so check our website and

Facebook page

for the link. 

Then, sit back, maximize your YouTube player and enjoy the story!

Can’t be at your computer on Sunday? don’t worry, it will be archived on the internet for viewing at your leisure.


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Watch the video archived on YouTube.