Calling all Old Newboys

Every year, on the Thursday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 21, 2013) thousands of volunteers wake up very early in the morning, put on their customary smile and Old Newsboys Day apron and take to the streets to raise money for children's organizations funded by the Old Newsboys Fund.

Its tradition unique to St. Louis.  We should be proud of the everyday generosity of our neighbors who roll down their windows and give anything from spare change to a $20 bill.  My favorite part of the day is when a UCCC parent stops at our intersection and I get to wave to the kids in their car seats in the back.

UCCC has participated in this tradition for years, contributing by working at the corner of Big Bend and Delmar and by organizing area high schools to participate in the Youth Initiative. The fund has helped support classroom supplies, special equipment like listening centers and water tables, infant and toddler food, and tuition assistance. More importantly, it builds a sense of community and collective impact. 

We'd love your help this year! Its early, it can be cold, but the warm feeling you get from helping out makes up for it.

Thanks in advance,

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