A Kid's Road Trip: Where Kids Can Be Kids

Summer is a time for fun and summer camp. Once again University City Children's Center has developed a special summer camp program for all of our children.  Read all about it below, or download the pdf version of our summer camp brochure.


A KID'S ROAD TRIP: To where kids can be kids.

JUNE 17-JULY 26, 2013

A summer of defining our world through the Lume Model Approach.

Daily community gathering featuring music, movement, and theme discussion.

***A special art camp program encouraging children to create 3D sculptures with a variety of materials.

Outdoor activities for all age-groups that include

  • Music and movement
  • Science and sensory
  • Dramatic Role Play
  • Art and Construction
  • Garden to Table and Cooking

For children who will be entering kindergarten this fall, we offer our extended adventure camp.  This camp experience takes our Kid’s Road Trip theme a step further.  Adventure campers will be able to engage in extension activities several times a week, in the afternoon, which include science experiments, gross motor activities, art experiences, and more. 



MUD BUDDIES,  June 17-21 

Summer will start with a splash as we jump into mud!  The children will explore goopy, gooey, messy mud as they shape, measure, manipulate, pour, and more.

OFF TO THE CARNIVAL!,  June 24-28 
The next stop on our summer adventure will be the Carnival!  We will try our hands at the circus arts as we delve into clowning, juggling, acrobatics, animal acts, and more.
STOMP!,  July 1-5  
Our third week of camp will find us recreating the Stomp! experience.  The children will use a variety of materials to explore sound, music, musical instruments, and noise with their whole bodies.
ALOHA! TO HAWAII, July 8-12   
We then jet off to Hawaii where we will experience sand, the sea, and the Polynesian traditions of the islands.  We will discover the storytelling art of hula and the unique animals of the islands.
After exploring the Hawaiian islands, we will travel into the jungles to “see” the many animals and vegetation that comes from the jungles.  
Before concluding our summer experience, we will stop at the UCCC Ranch for a rodeo and campout.  We will sleep under the stars, herd a few ranch animals, and show off our rodeo talents.  Our final day of camp will feature an all school field day at Metcalfe Park.
Each Wednesday is a special day that finds extraordinary events happening at UCCC.  Classrooms may plan additional activities but here are a few of our Family Organization sponsored community events:
  • LeBrell’s Barnyard Buddies Petting Zoo
  • Babaloo Music and Fun
  • Tippy Toes Dance
  • All School Field Day
  • The Bubble Bus
  • COCA’s Oh My Gosh Josh
  • Storyteller and Musician, Miss Angela
  • Murray’s Shaved Ice
For our Infant and Toddlers, our own Miss Kara will team up with storyteller and musician Miss Angela for a 6 week exploration of music.  Activities subject to change due to availability.
Fridays are water play days for all children.  Please bring a swimsuit, towel, splash shoes, sunscreen and a complete change of clothes. 
We will be sending home notes from camp each week that feature pictures, descriptions, and art work.  There will be features from each camp center as well as a garden highlight.  Watch your inboxes for the Camp News!

Our Garden to Table Program involves our children in understanding how our food develops from tiny seeds to the food on our table.  We start by planting the seeds and nurturing them with water, light, and care.  We talk about what we planted and document how our seeds and plants grow.   When our crops are ready, the children help harvest the vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  Finally, the children get to taste the plants they worked so hard to grow.  

This summer our camp program will have a specific center for our garden to table program.  In this center children will have the opportunity to:

  • Plant seeds and seedlings
  • Water and weed within the garden
  • Harvest produce
  • Observe insects, bugs, and animals
  • Document what they see in a garden log
  • Taste the product of their hard work

For more information on our Garden to Table Program, please visit uccc.org/garden.

We wish to give a special thank you to the Family Organization for sponsoring our Wacky Wednesday Event Series.  Also, thank you to the Regional Arts Commission for supporting the special Art Camp program.