What is this Tuition Email?

You may have noticed a new, unusual email with information about tuition at UCCC. We are implementing a new system to send out monthly emails that will help you check the accuracy of your tuition charges and payments made to your account. If you have questions regarding your account please feel free to contact Frank Marchiony or Kenisha Stallings at 314-726-0148, but here are some items that are good to know.


  • Tuition is determined by the number of Mondays in a month. Some months have 4 Mondays (e.g. May & June) and some have 5 Mondays (e.g. July & September).
  • Negative balance equals a credit. If you see a negative number in the "Balance" column, that is a credit. (Opinion: Accounting is weird.)
  • These email messages are generated through our ProCare software, so they may be flagged as spam. If you want to see them, please check your spam folder for emails from uccc@uccc.org.


Post by Kenisha Stallings

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