Mud Buddies [summer camp plans]

Remember that Monday, June 17th kicks off MUD BUDDIES!

Children will explore goopy, gooey, messy mud and other sensory materials as they shape, measure, manipulate, pour, and describe mud in a variety of ways.

Starting Monday, send you child(ren) in clothing that is good for playing in mud, including their shoes. Water shoes would be a good choice. You may also want to send along an old hat to help keep mud out of your child(ren)'s hair. Finally, don't forget to have extra changes of clothing for your child to put on once the mud play is finished for the day.

The teachers have put together a curriculum plan for the week and it is posted for you to download and read. If you have the opportunity, look it over and see how many different places you can find the three areas of development in our approach:

  • Literacy
  • Social
  • Emotional

Click to download Mud Buddies Curriculum Plan

Infant/Toddler plans:  Milky Ways  &  Moonbeams