Off To The Carnival! [summer camp plans]

Children will explore balance, large motor movements, and eye-hand coordination activities while experiencing circus arts.  

Dramatic Role Play:
The children will play the roles of a variety of carnival workers, performers, animal acts, and audience members.  We will provide a tent, face paint, different costumes, paper for tickets, and concession items to encourage children in thinking of different jobs in the carnival.  

Art & Construction:
Throughout the week, the children will collaborate on a large scale carnival ride. They will cut, tape, glue and experiment with recycled materials (tubes and boxes of all shapes and sizes). Each day, we will incorporate additional materials and build upon the last day’s work. We will observe how wheeled toys and marbles behave on ramps and chutes. The structure will not only challenge the children’s building skills and creativity, but will explore collective decision-making and respecting others’ work. 

Science / Sensory: 
The children will use bean bags for juggling and talk about the different paths and ways it can be thrown. We will use cotton balls and cones in sensory table for the children to pretend that they are cotton candy and pull the cotton apart.  We will show how to shave ice with the Snoopy Ice cone machine and they will get a chance to taste the texture of shaved ice versus an ice cube. 

Click to download the curriculum plan for Off To The Carnival!

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