On a Jungle Safari [summer camp plans]

Children will identify a variety of different animals and plants that originate in the jungles of South America.

Dramatic Role Play:
This week the children will be pretending to be field scientists in the jungle. Field journals, tents, camping supplies, safari and other jungle camping props will be provided for the children. Children can experience through their play what it means to study jungle animals through scientific discovery and play.

We will make Safari trail mix, create rain forest water using blue food coloring along with mint leaves, and play the paw print identification game.

Garden to Table/Cooking:
The children will use herbs from the garden to make different flavors of lemonade and  herb butters.  They will also engage in a weed safari in the garden as they hunt for weeds and plants that do not belong.  Finally, we will experiment with different leaves to see if adding different liquids will instigate color and texture changes.   

Click to download the curriculum plan for Jungle Safari

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