All-School Harvest Festival 10/31 and Movie Night 11/2

All-School Harvest Festival 

This Friday (October 31) we welcome families to UCCC for our All-School Festival and Harvest Celebration from 9-11am!

We will begin our Parade of Characters around 9am Friday morning. After the parade we will have a small snack of Graham crackers and warm chocolate delivered to your classroom, each program will visit the pumpkin patch and maze for pictures and fun. The pumpkin patch and maze schedule is as follows.

9:30-10am both Infant/Toddler classrooms visit

10-10:30am both two year old classrooms

10:30-11am both 3-4 year old classrooms

11-11:30am Supernovas and Superstars

11:30-12 Horizons

Remember to take lots of pictures, create games to enjoy around the maze, and have fun!

Movie Night 

The fun continues this Sunday (November 2) from 6-7pm for Movie Night  on the UCCC parking lot! Join us for a light dinner and snacks. This event is sponsored by the UCCC Youth Board! Bring your family, friends, and neighbors. 

Join us for PETE THE CAT!