Peaches' Perspective - Volunteers

This week I want to share my perspective on volunteers. They are a big part of our community at UCCC. We are thankful for their time and energy. On January 25th, around 20 volunteers from Monsanto came to paint, clean, and varnish the wooden steps outside of the classrooms. In the past volunteers have supported UCCC in the classrooms with children, labeled shelves, weeded the gardens, re-mulched the playgrounds, and carried barrels of sand in 100 degree temps. We have had, and will have, many volunteering groups throughout the year (including our Board of Directors who volunteer their time!).

Who are these people who selflessly choose to volunteer at UCCC? They are employees of a corporation, retirees, middle, high school, and college students, grandparents, and politicians. I can’t speak for why each person chooses to volunteer here, but what I do know is how thankful I am. There are a million things to be thankful for when it comes to volunteers. For instance, I was walking down the hall and volunteers were painting. I stopped to thank them and they instantly said, “Thank you for all that you and the teachers do!” That instantly put a smile on my face. I love it when large and small groups of volunteers really listen to who we are and what we do here at UCCC. Our volunteers get it!

Speaking of volunteers who get it, something really inventive and cool happened when a former volunteer came back to reconnect. When this volunteer was a child, he asked a lot of questions and felt like his questions were dismissed by adults. He came to us with an idea for a meaningful program with the children. He wants them to ask him questions, and he will help to find the answers! This volunteer will be returning to UCCC (in-between pre-med courses to be a pediatric cardiologist) to support our 4s and 5s in question and answer sessions. This will give the children a chance to read a piece of literature, ask questions, and reflect through journal writing about their experience. Throughout this learning process, the kids will get to enjoy the presence of an adult volunteer that is in tune with their questions. How cool is that? So thank you volunteers for your willingness to serve, thank you for making a difference in the lives of our children, their families, and early childhood. You put smiles on all of our faces here at UCCC. 

Post by Peaches Lott