Local Opportunity for Family Nature Experiences

As the daytime temperatures begin to get warmer, nature starts to show itself in different ways. This is prime time to spend time with your children in some of the local areas where wildlife and woodlands are at your feet. Children learn so much about themselves and the natural world around them when they have the chance to spend some time in the woods where the sounds are primarily limited to birds singing, the rustling of deer and squirrels in the leaves, and the sounds of water running in a stream.

This past Saturday, Powder Valley Nature Reserve was full of up close and personal experiences with nature. We saw 10 deer moving about together, running, kicking up their legs, and following each other on the hilly terrain. There were plenty of cardinals singing, squirrels looking for all the nuts they had buried over the winter, and some really big Blue Jays hanging out in the trees. There are several trails at Powder Valley - one that is ½ mile and a longer one about 1 ½ miles. There are a couple shorter ones, too. The longer trails are hilly, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes, bring a stroller or snuggly, water, and be prepared to take some rest breaks.

The indoor Nature Center is a nice way to begin or end your walk as it has a learning area and a place to view birds eating from feeders, peruse nature books, learn about Missouri trees, plants, and wildlife, organized learning activities, and more.

Here’s the link to this local, natural treasure http://mdc.mo.gov/regions/st-louis/powder-valley-conservation-nature-center. It’s a great place to visit year-round. If you have already been there, please feel free to share your comments and experiences with other parents on this blog!

Post by Sarah Wilhelms