The Importance of Sand Play - Part I

Children love to play in sand…What is the universal appeal? They dig in sand, sift it, build with it, pour it, enjoy the feel and smell of it, pretend with it, and explore how it moves.

There is no right way to play with it, it can hold to a structure or be soupy. It invites participation and cooperation. It is open-ended, the children determine the direction and path of their own play…this is the freedom to learn.

Sand play is the catalyst for rich inner monologues as a child explores sand and their design or structure. It also facilitates dialogue among groups of children.

Sand play permits children to make and test hypotheses, as it stretches the imagination. It is also soothing sensory experience for children to navigate.

Sand is an excellent avenue to learn physical, cognitive and social skills.

Early Childhood Experts, contend that, "The culture of children is threatened by mass media and overproduction of plastic playthings that are ready-made and demand nothing of the child." Sand is well-suited to the exploratory and imaginative nature of young children.

More to come…learn from sand…what can a child learn from sand? …it is just play and it is dirty!

Post by Steve Zwolak