Fall Play

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, it is easy to spend a lot of time outside with our children. However once the Fall weather kicks in, and the days and nights are cooler, we tend to not visit the parks, take the bikes out, or play in the back yard as often. There are many benefits to spending just as much time outside during the cooler months as in the warmer ones. Here is why...

  • Playing outside supports and promotes imagination and creativity within young children
  • Playing outside supports and promotes physical development within young children 
  • Playing outside supports and promotes problem solving skills within young children 
  • Their growing brains need the benefits provided by the outdoors all year round 

Here are Fall weather activities that allow you to be outside with your child during the cooler months, please enjoy and get out and PLAY!

Take your child on a walk, bring along a bag to gather treasures from nature. When you return to your home, create a vase or basket to hold your treasures then proudly display them for the family to enjoy. 

Have a family leaf throwing contest!

Use any leftover treasures from your walks to count and sort for a fun math activity using an old egg carton.  

Post by Peaches Lott

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