The UCCC Teacher Book Club

What would you do with an idea?
A couple of UCCC teachers approached some of the administrative team a few months ago with an idea to start a teacher book club. The teachers were looking for a way to read and discuss new research and ideas about children and early childhood education as well as tap into each other’s knowledge and expertise. After a month of planning, the Book Club was up and running.

The Book Club has been meeting now once a month for the past three months. The group is teacher-led with the support of Jessica, our Educational Support Specialist. The teachers have been interested in exploring a variety of topics starting with morality, character development, and aggression. The teachers have read and discussed a chapter from The Moral Intelligence of Children by Robert Coles and NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman.

The discussions have been lively as the teachers explore their own beliefs and experiences in relation to the readings. The teachers also have talked a lot about how these chapters relate to their practice. What might I do differently? How does this help me understand a specific child or experience in my classroom?

UCCC teachers are growing in their knowledge and understanding of child development and early childhood education making them better teachers for our youngest citizens. 

Post by Jessica Sims