UCCC Summer Camp 2015

The theme for 6 weeks (June 15 - July  24) of Summer Camp is:






Why is PRINT an essential part of our daily lives at UCCC? Children use PRINT to play each day; has your preschooler pretended to be a waitress and write down your order on a clipboard? They read PRINT, not only their names on their cubbies and familiar books, but also environmental print like names of restaurants.

They use PRINT to share with us what they imagine. Their ability to empathize and build connections with each other and their environment begins with working on their communication skills.

Using symbols and signs on the road, children begin to navigate their neighborhood; in the classroom, children can investigate: “When do we have lunch?” “Who is the line leader today?” “Who came to school today?” And best of all, PRINT helps kids to think about their expanding world in a hands-on, expressive way. During summer camp, we will tackle 6 exciting weeks of adventures with PRINT in mind...and of course, FUN!

We are very excited to continue Water Wednesdays (don’t forget your swimsuit and a towel!) and Fantastic Fridays, our series of captivating guests.

To view the brochure for Summer Camp click HERE

Looking forward to Summer!

Post by Ms. Hitomi Inoue (Teacher in the Supernovas and part of the Summer Camp Committee)