UCCC Family Library

It would be hard to even begin to count the benefits of children’s books and how they help support development. Books can provide both familiar and unfamiliar stories, glimpses into other worlds and other perspectives, and opportunities for children to explore their own experiences and feelings. Reading books with young children often provides time, space, and stimulation for discussions and questions about what children are currently dealing with. You will often get glimpses into children’s internal lives from their conversations when reading books.

We have created a family library, thanks to a generous donation from the Blues for Kids grant program, with books that specifically support children’s mental health. These books are about life experiences that can be challenging for children such as divorce, military deployment, death, and many others.

We are excited to share these books with teachers and families at UCCC. Currently the library is housed in Ms. Jessica’s office, while we create a more permanent space. We will be utilizing parent volunteers and input to create this more permanent space. If you would like to help support this, please see Ms. Tameka.

We invite you to utilize the library at any time. You can borrow books with the expectation that you will return them to us. If you would like to borrow some books, please complete a check out form and leave it in the Checkout Basket. When you return the books, find your checkout form and add the date that you returned the books. Then put the form in the Returns Basket.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please let us know. We will continue to grow and build this library with your input.