From the Director


2016 is off to a great start with fun events like UCCC's Annual Block Party, some warmer days where we were able to PLAY OUTSIDE with homemade kites, a dance-off, chalk art, and colder days with magical snowflakes falling from the sky. 

2016 is also an accreditation year. We are once again working diligently to prepare for the process. Accreditation involves a thorough validation of: children’s relationships and interactions, physical environment, programming/curriculum, program/familyconnections, administration, and health, safety, and nutrition. I want to recognize the always hard-working teachers - we are lucky to have such a great team! There are only a handful of accredited centers in our region, we are proud that UCCC is part of this selective process. Click here for more information on accreditation. 

Springtime is just around the corner and we already have some green in the gallery thanks to Ms. Annette and UCCC students (see photo below). In February, Ms. Annette visited the classrooms and did a Garden Presentation and planting session for the new season. 

See you at the Center,
Ms. Peaches 
Center Director