Change the Face of Missouri Forum April 26

On February 9, UCCC parents and teachers discussed ways to embrace inclusiveness, support our children's curiosity, and foster healthy attachments. This event offered up an introduction to a crucial discussion of equity and we are continuing the conversation on April 26. 

As part of this conversation, we will share the results of a study done by Washington University that reveals how an equitable, fair, and empathy-based curriculum and culture at UCCC has helped shape our children's attitudes. 

When: Tuesday, April 26 from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m. 
Where: University City Children's Center - Conference Room
Who: UCCC parents and teachers
What: A forum for family-focused conversation including an opportunity to:

  • learn effective language for discussing diversity with your child 
  • convene in small groups with other parents and UCCC teachers  
  • share your concerns and learn from others

In the days leading up to the forum, consider the sample questions below that we may hear from children, and consider how fairness, equity, and inclusion play a role in the direction we take in answering these questions. 

  • Why is that lady getting pushed in a chair? 
  • Why does he talk so funny? 
  • Why is her hair yellow? 
  • Where did his leg go? 
  • Is that a man or a woman?

    Post By Katie Schergen