Dress Up [winter break suggestion]

Ah, yes!  The age-old game of dress up.  Children are able to amuse themselves for hours in Mommy or Daddy's closet (if we let them!)  But why?


  • Daddy shoes and slippers, Mommy shoes and slippers,
  • Sport jackets,
  • Dresses, half slips, full slips, stoles and wraps,
  • Purses and bags, and hats of all kinds,
  • Shirts and an a sundry of other clothing articles.
  • A mirror or anything that has a reflective surface (this is important!) 


Dress-ups support children as they begin to identify with mommy or daddy.  It supports a child’s need to be powerful and autonomous ... "I can choose what or who I want to be!"

Dress-up play helps children sort out the rules of life and they act them out.  It enhances the imagination.  During dress-up play, children are able to make and break their own identity in a manner that is safe and protected.  They can "try-on" another persona without consequence.  Parents and caregivers should let children experiment with a range of clothes and characters during dress-up play - the child should feel in-control of who they are!

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