Getting back in the rhythm

Holiday wonder…bright lights, the smell of baking cookies, late nights, the grandparents, visiting relatives…the bliss of the holiday!

BACK to SCHOOL routine after the holi-daze.

The transition back to school is tough on all family members. It creeps up on us, and before you know it we are expected to slip back into the same routine that was disrupted since Halloween!

The children’s routines are all dis-com-bob-u-lated!

Our routines are dis-com-bob-u-lated!

First, we must take care of ourselves, as they say on the airplanes, “if the cabin pressure should change, pull the mask down and place it over your mouth and breathe, then attend to all children."

As parents, we must be prepared to get back in the routines so it will happen for our children.

First Things First:

  1. Reflect on the holidays with your family…we all had a good time but now…
  2. Regain bed time routines
  3. Begin eating proper foods at regular meal times
  4. Re-establish morning rituals

Take two aspirins and give it three weeks!

Post by Stephen Zwolak

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