Let's Get Outside & Play!

Although spring weather comes and goes at this time of year, thoughts turn to outdoor play and games. While this type of activity builds motor skills as children exercise their large and small muscles, many social and emotional skills benefit from the practice of playing active games with friends and family members.

The Devereux Early Childhood Initiative Program (preschool and infant/toddler versions) is based in resilience, a quality that gives an individual the ability to cope and thrive even when there are challenges in life. Protective factors of attachment, initiative, and self- control/ regulation support each other and the domains of emotional and social development. An example from the Classroom Strategies guide is that attachment leads to trust, which helps children gain self-control. If children learn to trust others and control their behavior, they are ready to try doing things for themselves (initiative).

Revisit long-time favorite games such as Freeze, Red Rover and Hot Potato to share with your child. Go to the Devereux Early Childhood Initiative website home page and check out the Free Resources section for a copy of Build Protective Factors through Gross Motor Game Play. Game instructions and detailed information about the protective factors are included. For infants and toddlers, simplify the rules of the games to maintain interest and build confidence.

Happy Spring!

Post by Judy Saurage
Emotional Enrichment Counselor