UCCC Receives Missouri Accreditation Renewal, A Perfect score - no recommendations and record time!

Great teachers make for a great program!

“Let’s wash our hands and get ready for snack...each child gets a hand-made laminated dollar and they go to the classroom grocery store to buy a healthy snack of their choice. They stand in line to buy their snack....decisions, decisions!

UCCC’s teachers were put to the test as they prepared for our accreditation visit. Although accreditation standards are embedded in the fabric of the school, we still wanted to make sure that all the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed. As we all experience in situations like this, there is a certain amount of anxiety, but when the children arrive the professionalism overrides all external anxiety.

The Accreditation Team scours UCCC's printed material. They examine to see if our philosophy, curriculum and beliefs match our practice. The three-member team began their day early...observing, taking notes, reviewing the children's work, and more.

The most important reported observation was,

"your teachers really understand children and have wonderful relationships with the children."

UCCC teachers work hard as they develop relationships with our children. They deserve a perfect score!

The Accreditation visit was a huge success...UCCC was awarded its Accreditation by the end of the site visit, a precedent only allowed  by executive permission by the Director of the Missouri Voluntary Accreditation Department. During the debriefing, she said, UCCC's program was above and beyond, one of the best programs in the State of Missouri, pretty phenomenal!

Post by Stephen Zwolak