Teacher Appreciation, Empathy, Compassion, and more...

UCCC families had a surprise Teacher Appreciation Luncheon...the key word is SURPRISE!

It takes significantly more energy to plan a surprise party but a surprise party that involves children is even a more enormous task BUT it truly shows the families commitment to the UCCC Teachers.

Under the guidance of UCCC's Family Organization, it facilitated an opportunity for families to support the UCCC culture of community. Children drew pictures for their teachers, Family members took pictures of their child with the teachers and mounted the photos. 

Let's just look at the benefits...

  • For teachers - a deep sense of belonging and appreciation from the families 
  • For Families - a common goal, which created synergy among the parents and families
  • For Children - an opportunity to experience empathy and compassion..what is better than a  Surprise Party!

We are proud of UCCC's teachers and families as they continue to build a strong relationship, while using Teacher Appreciation as the catalyst for additional social connections.

Post by Stephen Zwolak