Thank you for making Fearful, Feisty, Flexible fabulous!

What a wonderful evening we had at the fearful, feisty, flexible  Art Auction & Party. Of course it takes a lot of hard work from a lot of people to pull off a party like we had. While I want to send out a sincere thank you to everyone who helped make the evening great, there are a few people who deserve special recognition.

First of all our artists. Without them there would not have been the amazing collection of art for people to enjoy. Thank you for taking your time, adding your talents and mixing it up to make a wonderful piece of art.

Gina Alvarez   <>   Brandon Anschultz   <>   Mico Barkofske   <>   Kenny Bini   <>   Crista Carr Schatz   <>   Julia Curran   <>   Yvette Dubinsky   <>   Alison Ferring   <>   Joan Hall   <>   Tom Huck   <>   Alicia LaChance   <>   Eva Lundsager   <>   Patti Mossup   <>   Maura Murphy Pusateri   <>   Mary  Nichols   <>   Eric Nichols   <>   Kenisha Stallings   <>   Billy O   <>   Anne Treeger Huck   <>   Peat Wolleager   <>   RHD-MO Fine Line

Committee you are amazing! Thank you for taking the vision and turning it into an event with all the details, big and small, attended to perfectly. Without your creative insights and the long hours you put in, there would not have been the magical feeling everyone experienced when they walked in the doors. Of course we also have to acknowledge your families who had to lend you to UCCC for a few days, evenings and more.

Co-Chairs: Sarah Greenwood & Lynda McClure
Andy Greenwood   <>   Dan McClure   <>   Mary McMurtrey   <>   Maura Murphy Pusateri   <>   Kris Schwetye

Volunteers are the backbone to any great event. From the students from St. Joe’s who spent days folding paper, to the bartenders, to the people who showed up Sunday morning to turn UCCC back into a early childhood center, we are grateful. No matter how much you did, it was important and wonderful.

Brent Baxter   <>   Annette Beck   <>   Emily Brenneman   <>   Julie Constantino   <>   Kyle Florez   <>   Leslie Florez   <>   Christine Grosch   <>   Becky Hagen   <>   Jill Hatch   <>   Twanita Hudson   <>   Katie MacDonald   <>   Ann McMahon   <>   Ralph Mertz   <>   Cathy O'Neil    <>   Mike O’Neil   <>   Neil Rossell   <>   Barbara Shuman   <>   Linda Werner

A party just is not a party without music, our entertainment was amazing. Thank you to Summer Osborne and Spontaneous Nugent: Roger Ash   <>   Brad Carr   <>   AJ Chivetta   <>   Evan Gatch   <>   Annie Genovese   <>   Maggie Genovese   <>   Tim Hanser   <>   Jim Kreckeler   <>   Ken Niemann   <>   Steve Scallorn   <>   Dave Schmid   <>   Ellie Schwetye   <>   Kris Schwetye

Finally, those of you who took a chance to attend an art auction at an early childhood center. Thank you for the wonderful support. Your generosity allows UCCC to fulfil its mission. For all of our families and children, thank you.

Of course I cannot end a thank you post without mentioning my lovely wife, Luann. I am not sure “thank you” comes close to saying how much I appreciate all you do, all you give, and all you give up to allow me to do my life’s work. I love you.


Post by Stephen Zwolak