UCCC is awarded BID to TEACH TEACHERS in Eastern Missouri

As many of you may have heard, UCCC has been working to develop a vehicle to expand our philosophy to other childcare providers. While the idea began with Mr. Z long ago, about three years of work has resulted in LUME Institute.

LUME Institute was founded by University City Children’s Center in 2008 with the purpose of delivering relevant, up-to-date professional development to early childhood educators. LUME works with educators and other industry leaders to research, develop, enhance and replicate early childhood concepts in their respective centers and broader communities.

LUME has provided some consulting and training/coaching services to other providers, but today the work and the UCCC model has been validated.

It is my pleasure to announce that LUME Institute has been selected as a network partner with Child Care Aware of Missouri, (http://mo.childcareaware.org/) a state-wide agency that supports children, families and teachers. The basic award is funding and support that will allow LUME the opportunity to teach, train, and develop 7,000+ early childhood educators using our unique model, and it can impact 70,000+ children!  LUME Institute will impact the region now that we are affiliated with a state-wide organization.

What does this mean for UCCC?
One of the first questions many people ask is, “What impact will this have on UCCC?” While we don’t believe that there will be no impact, we do believe it will be positive for our children, families and faculty.

As the model school for LUME, UCCC and its teachers will grow and strengthen their ability to understand children. As the faculty have the opportunity to pass along their knowledge, the philosophy and key points of what makes UCCC great will become further embedded in our everyday practice.

Read the full press release on lumeinstitute.org.
Thank you for your continued support which has helped make this all possible.

Post by Stephen Zwolak